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Line X


Line X Protective Coatings Bond to almost any surface.  And with the highest tencel strength of any bonding agent, Line X will stand up to extreme tests. Finally Line X applications are warrantied forever. So you know you've made an investment to last a lifetime.


Line X  vs.  Paint
with-linex without-linex


Made to protect the things you love:

Both LINE-X and competitors have military applications. However, only LINE-X was chosen as a blast mitigation product for the U.S. Pentagon. In 2001, the U.S Air Force tested 23 spray products, only LINE-X passed their tests. More recently, Force Protection chose LINE-X as a coating for their MRAP


+1 #7 Trish and Tim L. 2010-11-01 00:40
We did loose our truck but we were impressed with way the Line-X stayed on the truck. The trees as you can see fell across the back and the top of our truck and it was totaled from a tornado. But the liner didn't crack and didn't peel off the truck. It was the only thing that really wasn't damaged on the truck. Just wanted to let you know how much we liked the liner and are planning on getting it on our next truck that we have now. It is of coarse red but a 4 door this time. We know that it will be well protected by the Line-X liner we will be putting in it.
+2 #6 Matt 2010-11-01 00:39
I had the guys @ Line-X coat the bumpers on my '04 Tahoe. This was a product of brainstorming answers to "How can I cover or replace all the chrome to BLACK-OUT my truck?" The guys at LINE-X & I came up with the Line-X idea for the bumpers & we eliminated all visible chrome on the truck except the black chrome exhaust & the hitch ball & lock. I have now spent over $10k customizing my 'project' & I get, by far, more compliments on the bumpers than any of the many other modification. It looks great and it has held its finish for 2 years at this point. I have recently spotted a couple of cars with similar applications & I take full credit for having started that trend. The guys at the shop said that mine was their first bumper (on a non-industrial app.) and when I checked in, a few months ago, they reported having done a couple more.

Wow, that's a long one! Thanks for making a GREAT PRODUCT!!!
0 #5 Mike C. 2010-11-01 00:37
I just wanted to say I have 2 Dodge trucks, both had a drop-in liner, I just bought my new Ram and after seeing the job LINE-X did for another Dodge truck at the dealer, I was impressed. I only buy the best in trucks, and after having the product installed and already heavily used, I can say I have had only the best of bed protection installed. I also have had numerous comments and questions from the people I work with, not only did they love the Dodge truck but they thought the LINE-X liner was a perfect match in quality. Thank you to the LINE-X folks.
+1 #4 Charles Peckham 2010-11-01 00:37
I recently had the running boards sprayed for a 1940 Hudson which turned out BETTER than the rubber that it originally had. It looks great and you can even stand on them. If they get dinged, just spray with a little flat black and BAM! New again. GREAT product. Thanks.
-1 #3 Paul 2010-10-31 19:26
I helped my brother do it to his old S10 and I think its crap. We spent a full day cleaning it, sanding it, prepping it, etc and it went on good but every time he put something in the bed that moved around the roll on liner chipped off. With his current truck he had it Line-X sprayed by the dealer and that has held up great over 5 years and 93k and its his work truck so it’s always full of tools, garbage or supplies.
+1 #2 Jim 2010-10-31 19:25
my buddy who did his truck tried Duplicolor spray on his flatbed, its peeling real bad, but he put it directly on bare metal so we think that is why, now he has to pay someone with a heavy duty blaster to remove it all and try again, that’s the only thing with doing it, if something needs to be worked on u have the heavy coating to remove, but when i do rust repair I won’t have to bondo like you would with paint
+2 #1 Mark 2010-10-31 19:24
I had Herculiner in my '01 F150 for about 8 years. By the time you figure in two coats from the get go and touch ups over the years, you are better off just paying for Line-X. I found that if you load or move something with any weight it would scratch. It also faded really bad. Then there are the questions. ‘What's wrong with your bed.’ Then you have to explain that you are a cheapskate and did the liner yourself. In this pic you can see how the front of the bed didn't fade but the rest did. Over time it looked like crap. On my new truck I didn't hesitate to get Line-X.

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